Your brand can do
so much more

We are WRG Brand.

We’re a creative communication agency
and we love brands with ambition.

Ambitious brands challenge.

We work with some of Britain’s most ambitious brands.
We’re inspired by their drive and focus. We love the way
they redefine their sectors. They’re challengers, and
they in turn challenge us to create innovative, rewarding
campaigns that motivate, persuade and sell.

Where brands do better

We make brands.

We design brands. We create brands. We evolve and refresh brands.
We develop insight driven brand propositions and brand communications.
And we deliver them in the most impactful, innovative way possible.

Peel Ports

Brand strategy.

Peel ports have a great ambition: to be known for
more than just ports. They have a new vision for
logistics that will revolutionise freight distribution
across the UK. So we devised a strategy to
communicate exactly that.

Peel Ports

Internal communications.

The pharmaceutical industry faces enormous challenges in getting its
messages across. Pfizer was no exception. One of the key audiences
was, of course it’s own staff. So we ran a two year internal campaign
to engage and in some cases, re-engage its 3,500 strong sales force.
We branded it, delivered it and we’re proud to say, won an award
for it in 2012.

Create Unforgettable brands.

Create UnforgettableTM is our ambition. It’s also a process. Combining science, insights,
experience and creativity Create Unforgettable is shaping campaigns for our clients
across a wide number of challenging sectors with one goal in mind: brand memories.
Brand memories are the memories, images, emotions and associations we
automatically retain of any brand. Brand memories resonate with audiences and
have the power to move, shape opinion and make things happen.

After all, what’s the point of communicating if no one remembers what you’ve said?